Car Parking

West End Street Entrance:

At the start and end of the school day parents should enter the school playground from West End Street to park their cars. The school gates are open for parking from 7.45 to 9am in the morning and from 3.15pm to 4.45pm.  On entering the school playground follow instructions from the parking attendant if you wish to either park or use the pick-up/drop-off zone.  Parents should park on the road when the gate is closed or the school playground is full.  Parking is not allowed at any time in the surgery next door

Please note, cars should exit the playground left when possible and give priority to incoming vehicles.

Dereham Road Entrance:

The car park at the front of the school is for staff and visitors only.  Parents may use the front car park between the hours of 4.45pm & 6pm to facilitate collection from after school club.