Mission Statement & Aims

As a Roman Catholic school we endeavour to nurture a love of God through Jesus Christ in all our children.  The school has an ethos of love and care and embraces children of all faiths.

Children are treated as individuals, respected, nurtured and encouraged to embrace and fulfil their potential in all areas of school life.

We foster positive relationships with peers and adults, looking for mutual respect.

We provide a wide-range of extra- curricular activities in order to develop the talents of each child.


In order to achieve the above, we enact the following statements:

  • We value everyone; children, colleagues and parents as the unique people that they are.
  • We develop compassion, tolerance, empathy and co-operation in our children.
  • We encourage our children to look beyond themselves in order to develop spiritually and creatively.
  • We believe in ourselves and encourage children to believe in themselves too.
  • We acknowledge our weaknesses as well as our strengths.
  • We encourage our children to set goals, take risks and make decisions.
  • We believe that all things are possible.
  • We encourage children to give of their best at all times and not to be content to give less.
  • We praise our children for their efforts.
  • We acknowledge that the quality of education that we give to our children will be determining factor in how their lives unfold.